"With the Youth Choir of New Jersey, my two daughters were opened up to a world of exceptional performance opportunities, including performances at Carnegie Hall, the Vatican, and the Sistine Chapel. It is a musical community where they can grow and form special friendships." - Noni MacPherson, parent


"My daughters are in their seventh year singing first with the Children's Choir of New Jersey and now with the Youth Choir. Throughout this time, in addition to being taught to perform various genres of song, they have grown in generosity, teamwork, acceptance, and found a whole new family." - Pat Portilla, parent


"The Youth Choir of New Jersey has given my daughter the opportunity to make music around the world. These experiences have helped her to grow as a singer, a musician, and a human being." - Geoff Buchan, parent


The Youth Choir of New Jersey

SING: The Youth Choir of New Jersey is the premiere ensemble for outstanding young voices ages 13-18.  Strong vocal technique, exemplary pedagogy and diverse repertoire comprise the musical foundation upon which Youth Choir members build the skills that insure on-going musical success and opportunity in the future.

INSPIRE: Youth Choir of New Jersey members engage in community service outreach appearances, annual concert performances, showcase cabarets and a wide variety of activities that not only encourage self-confidence, teamwork, poise, and stage presence but ones that inspire concert goers, community members and arts aficionados around the world.

EXCEL: Where talent and opportunity meet, potential and advancement becomes reality.  The Youth Choir of New Jersey has been featured around the world; from Carnegie Hall to the Sistine Chapel, from touring with Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra to concerts, recordings and documentary features in Prague, Ireland and Vatican City.

YOUTH CHOIR ENSEMBLES: SINGERS (advanced girls), CHANTICLEERS (intermediate girls), CONTINUOS (boys)

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